Saturday, March 17, 2012

Some Previous Work

 Not much new dolly making at the moment as we have been madly working in the garden between small amounts of sunshine and large amounts of drenching rain.  For those of you who have been watching the weather in Australia we have not had a summer at all.  We have had constant and I mean constant) rain since November 2011 and we have had no summer.  My state of New South Wales has been covered in floods equalling the size of France so it's alot of flooded communities and dreadful loss of property and livestock, and thank God only a handful of lives lost. 

I know you're probably thinking that the rain would mean lots of time indoors dolly making BUT work takes up the rest of my time, soooooooo ..... dolly making is coming in third. 

I thought I would share with you some previous work made when I was still in Tasmania at Susie McMahon's studio.  Using her Moxy pattern I created these two sisters, the eldest on the back of the rocking horse.  The pattern is a lovely adaptable pattern, and they were both extremely enjoyable to make.  Hope you enjoy looking at them.