Monday, January 18, 2010

Suzie McMahonn's Moxie Pattern

All of you who know and love Susie McMahon's work will be familiar with a lovely pattern she created called Moxie. Over a year ago at one of Susie's monthly doll groups I used Susie's pattern to create these two sisters. As you can see Susie's patterns are so easy and well created you can let your imagination run wild. The older of the two girls has been dressed with an old piece of chiffon type of fabric, which I have added a small amount of embroidery across the bodice. I've left the hem rough and un-hemmed. Her head has been covered in a cap made from a vintage piece of lace and her feet have socks and shoes. Her shoes are made from soft felt hand sewn from a pattern Susie has and her socks are made of fine finger gauze (perfect for little dolls). The younger sister at the front also has a vintage piece of lace around her hair - her hair is made of wool roving. She is wearing shorts made from soft cotton and a cardigan. This was made for another doll, but I thought it looked great on her as it's slightly big and looks like a hand-me-down. She is bare foot. Both are sitting astride a wooden rocking horse). I have tried to represent them of a time when during the depression kids wore well worn clothes and hand-me-downs, and the pleasures of even riding an old rocking horse were special and felt like riding the real thing.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Finished Izannah Walker Dolls

Well, it's been a while since my last post, so I'm looking forward to getting back to sharing with you what I'm doing and in turn spending wonderful hours catching up on what you've all been creating. This is just a quick post (as I need to get ready for work (rats!), but these are the two finished Izannahs I started last year. I'm tossing up a few names at the moment (don't want to name them something they won't be happy with!). They look quite content reclining in their cane chair. Hope you like them.