Sunday, October 14, 2012

Snow Day!!

It's spring here BUT we had a magical winter snow day.  It doesn't really snow here just the occassional sprinkle of sleet which is the tail end of snow that gets blown towards us from the west.

So Friday was an amazing once in 10 years event when our mountain became covered in snow.  This cold blast was blown up from the Antartic and managed to turn even parts of Queensland slightly white.

These are just a couple of the photos my husband took of the house and garden.  It was a trully beautiful morning - it started about 6am and then by 2.00pm the sun came out and by 5.00pm most of it was gone. But snow fights did happen and snowmen were made!!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Three Heads and Two Ideas

Last Christmas I made little stars from fabric and then appliqued faces onto them.  I painted quite a few of these faces and thought I'd make some more for this year for presents ....... I had forgotten how cute they look. 
They gave me an idea for a teddy bear using the painted faces, but I have 3 paperclay heads I'm working on - one for a Queen Anne style doll and the other two were just question marks.  I decided to cut the shoulder plate off the larger head and plan to use it for another teddy bear idea and which ever head I don't use for the Queen Anne will also become teddy bear-ed ........... so watch this space......... I'm just a little excited and hoping my ideas will equal reality!!!