Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Family

Dolly making is a bit slow at the moment and it's been raining here in Sydney since October 2011 (hardly a full day of sunshine since then - seriously!! - and it's raining heavily now!), so ......... I thought I'd share with you pictures of my four legged "children".  Don't have any of my own 2 legged variety - just nieces and nephew.  Both were "adopted" when we were living in Tasmania and are just wonderful....... sometimes trying but always wonderful..... and as you can see they do get on.

Mr Darcy is my Cavalier - just turned 5 years old.  Real smoocher, very affectionate, snores like a lumberjack and LOVES his toys - this is Noddy Toy.  He also has Gingerbread Toy, Girlfriend, and Bert.

and Mouse is my Burmese cross cat - I think he's about 8 yrs.  Big beautiful boy!  Happy to sleep in the sun on the balcony.

Love 'em both.

Oh yeah - I'm also married to a Greg!  Wonderful and extremely patient (with me)!


  1. Hi Linda, mee too. My doll making has been next to '0'. Just got more paperclay so I am thinking about it. I do not really enjoy the dressmaking part but I enjoy the sculpting and painting. You are an excellent artist. The 'Pastell on Paper' pooch is simply precious. Yes, we are both lucky to have hubs who are patient with our whims.
    It's Good to visit & Have a great day with much Peace,
    Barb ...

  2. Well, life can't be all about dolly making. I am having a hard time finishing up the two I am working on. It seems my energy goes down when I don't get out into the sunshine. Thanks for the nice visit with your darling four-legged children...just precious!