Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Susie Heads

Kathleen Lynette Mack's beautiful paperclay head in her Maida blog inspired me to get the foil and paperclay out to practice Susie McMahon's technique.  The foil armature is so important and for me it's always the back of the head that lets me down - I keep forgetting that there is a skull behind the face and end up creating flat heads.  So following the saying "practice, practice, practice" I've created 5 armatures - all looking like silver Christmas baubles at the moment, with the intention of paperclaying over the weekend.  Will they be Izannah's or just little heads????? ........... only time and my fingers will tell. 

P.S. I'm using Susie's "Sculpting A Head In Air Dry Clay" booklet, which I think she still has for sale on her etsy, as my guide - it really is very good.


  1. Linda, your little foil heads already look good...nice shape on which to build your clay. Now, you have inspired me to try Susie's technique. I bought the book a few months ago. Mary

  2. Thanks Mary. I'm sure you'll enjoy the technique - I look forward to seeing your little heds. Linda

  3. Hi Linda ... It's been a long time for me too. I do want to get back to my I.W. inspired dolls, especially now that I have my sewing machine set up in the dining room area. Your foil technique looks very interesting. I have used this in combination with foam eggs many years ago for sculpting prim Santa head ornies. Hmmmmm, the juices are flowing, Thanks for the inspiration.
    Hope your New year will be Happy & Healthy,
    Fondly, Barb