Friday, April 27, 2012

North Carolina Cloth Doll

A little while ago I purchase the above pattern from Bradley Justice on ETSY.  Like all patterns I tend to put them away, lose track of them and find them when looking for another pattern ........ hence why it takes me so long to get round to making them!  .......... anyway....... Here is little Martha (my name for this little nearly finished girl). 

The pattern is really enjoyable and comes with a pattern for clothing, which includes underwear and a bonnet.  I have to make little shoes and socks for her and then she will be finished.

Couldn't find a link for Bradley Justice but if you type his name in ETSY you should find him and his patterns.


  1. She's a darling, Linda. You do cloth dolls so well...nice shaping and nice painting.

    1. Thanks Mary. Yeah, I do love full cloth dolls the most