Sunday, July 8, 2012


She looks like she’s takin’ it easy, but Sophia is just waiting for me to finish her hair!  I couldn’t find anything big enough for her to sit comfortably and dry off and even though it makes her look tea cup size she is approx 13 inches and the tea cup is huge and is part of a lovely antique cup and saucer set – little did the original maker know it would be used 150 years later to dry dollies in!

I’m making Sophia for the Maida postcard challenge and I think I’m going to finish on time – hooray!  Dress and knickers are finished, so it’s just shoes and her cat.  Not sure if the cat’s going to be more realistic or more toy ....... I’ll just see where my scissors and thread take me.


  1. Well I can't wait to see her finished, she's beautiful already!