Monday, September 24, 2012

Nearly Headless Noddy

Emergency surgery will be performed in the next few days on my little boy's toys.  As you can see Noddy toy is looking more like a giant cloth Pez dispenser (there's an idea for a toy.......) and poor Garfield toy has lost an eye.

They are well and trully loved and have been operated on before but for minor maulings only.

Noddy's head will be re-attached with only a slight scar along the neck and Garfield will need an eye patch ........................ but all of this will happen as soon as I can get Darcy away from them.....he loves them very much and every time I go to pick them up he thinks it's play time and grabs them from me.  (That's his little nose in the corner of the first photo - he's getting ready!!)

I'm going to have needle and thread ready for when he's having one of his power naps!!

Don't ya just love that smile?

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